Love Aaj Kal Review

Shriya Simran Pradhan
  • 1/5
A Problematic Tale With Poor Performances

It could have had all of Kartik Aaryan's charms, all of Sara Ali Khan's ardour- but Love Aaj Kal's foundation itself is problematic.

Shifting between two time periods and drawing juxtapositions from two stories, Love Aaj Kal's aim to be this aesthetically pleasing movie meant to be 'one for the ages' changes dramatically. Maybe it would have been average about a decade ago, definitely not now. The parallels drawn from the 'aaj' and 'kal' tales of love aren't satisfactory and seem forced on the audience, a medicine meant to be just gulped down without thought.

With stale performances by Aaryan & Khan, the movie holds up one of the many serious issues relevant in social circles- A No Means A Secret Yes. Randeep Hooda and Aarushi Sharma do the best they can do with the script provided, while Imtiaz Ali disappoints in a way it truly hurts the soul. With masterpieces like Highway, Jab We Met & Rockstar, his good times seemed to be overshadowed by movies like Love Aaj Kal (2020) and Jab Harry Met Sejal, some very failed attempts of living upto his legacy.

Both the female protagonists of the two stories imply that their denial against someone's romantic advances isn't exactly a denial rather 'playing hard to get'. This concept might be considered the typical shy Indian girl trope of the bygone ages, but in the age with feminist movements like MeToo, Love Aaj Kal did not at all win the audience with girl stringing along a guy by taking advantage of his feelings for her.

While Aaryan's characters doesn't do much, Sara's Zoe is another cinema trope we need to break. A woman focused on her career but lacks the sense of emotions in her life, because a woman can not be satisfied with a successful career- she needs a man to validate her self esteem.

It's troublesome plot is certainly a down, but be it the direction or the script- Love Aaj Kal feels like a complete waste of time.