A subtle intersection of masculinity and warmth

Kumbalangi nights’ Review: A subtle intersection of masculinity and warmth

What if masculinity is so fragile?? Will it choke down to find its voice in the society.

Kumbalangi nights nicely draws the line between patriarchy and vulnerability in 135 minutes family drama. The encapsulating tone of this movie is treats neither of the stars in superior way therefore the ensemble efforts makes it gripping.

Early in the movie scene we see Fahadh Fahsil (Shammi) mouldering his moustache by saying , “ The complete man”. This is a complete augury of the tonality that there is existing masculinity that has smite to exercise its power. The idiosyncratic male ego that has persisted throughout the movie is both a mixture of evil and good.

Four brothers Saji (Soubin Shahir), Bony (Sreenath Bhasi), Bobby (Shane Nigam) and Frankie live in a unfinished debilitated house that is at the end of town. They are completely depraved from the warmth of womanly love since their birth. The old broken house metaphorically speaks a lot about their financial and emotional distress which all of the four brothers are in.

Bony one of the old brother after shaji, a mute falls in love with an American woman while Bobby falls in love with Baby (Anna Ben) that holds the plot primarily to foment between both families.

The mellow in the film however remains balanced due to the sweet structure of the fragility of men. Despite being grown with all men around they need the strong women to stand by their side to trundle. The women specifically in this movie are not used in a trump card which was so fall apart in this given narrative. Although the actions are mostly enhanced by the male spirit but they are in no need of them as they feel quite sturdy to stand on their own.

Cinematographer Shyju Khalid’s poised camera works is a primary element of this movie that adds much flavour to the story. The encapsulating fishing yards as well as the serene visuals of the night and beaches are much sublime. In inclusion to that Sushin shyam’s melancholic and engaging scores are another excuse to get invested in the intensity of this movie.

Kumbalangi nights is a major breakthough in Malayalam cinema. In such a time when the hero worshipping and machoism is on a trend Kumbalangi nights breaks it up with spectacular writing of Syam Pushkaran. After all Kumbalangi nights is a must watch if you want to see men and meninism.

Kumbalangi nights is streaming in Amazon prime video with English subtitles.