Knowing Review

  • 3.5/5
[contains spoilers]

Its one of the sci-fi movies of Nicholas Cage in which he is acting the father of a boy . As the movie starts we are shown that in the year 1959 the batch of that year are putting down a time capsule inside the ground so that the future children can open after 50 years and get to know what the batch of 1959 will be like . But here we see this one weird girl who keeps writing certain numbers which make no sense at the time but then the time gets skipped by 50 years and later on the character played by Nicholas Cage on the movie who is a professor at MIT gets to know about the weirdly true . After that a series of events occur which make him realize that everything written in the paper is coming true . And later it comes the next part how in this sci-fi movie they have put up the fantasy of alien-like creatures who save the species of human beings and take them to another planet.