• 3.5/5
Must see
[contains spoilers]

There was lot of hype about this movie on pre-release and heard that Jeeva was saying this movie will take Tamil movie to the next level.

At the outset if I want to think of this movie and write a review... I would say I am confused or rather mused. What does the director wants to convey us?. Is there any content in this feature film?. I cannot put this film in any category.... it is not an art film...it is not a commercial movie... its not a tender lover story.... its not a drama genre... the film is a protagonist view of the modern society and himself.

The story is narrated by the hero to a TV cameraman who is captured by him to record his story. Hope you get it.... Jeeva has fitted into the role of Prabakar although the narration of story is in a way zig-zag... and so does the screenplay. It is weird moving through the film and thoroughly I cannot understand.... maybe its too heavy for me.

I hope you will all agree that humans relate things.... our eyes associate or relate with whatever we see in front of us. In this movie I still could not relate things.... its like a puzzle which cannot be completed.... cant be fitted together. Is this what the director wants us to do after 3 hrs of the film?. If life itself is a puzzle then we relate to our destiny..... even if there is no destiny in sight atlease most of accept fate... which itself is a destiny.

There is actually no plot... the movie wanders around the life of Prabakar from his childhood to the present level of being a psycopath. He loves his childhood friend Anandhi and sometimes he goes in search and after sometime he turns to psycopath before returning to normal. The events happened in his life are told in a hapazard manner... and thats really confusing. If the director intention is to leave the audience mused he has succeeded 100%.. there is no question about that. The other thing that leaves on my mind he has made me to think about the weird screenplay which no other movie has done. I think I need to see this movie once or twice to understand the flow. Maybe I will do and come back, write a full review then.

The music is good and background thumps you at certain scenes. The acting part is done well by all the characters. The character background and sketches are OK but too thin. I am still not convinced to say it is a good film or bad film.