Jojo Rabbit Review

  • 5/5
One of the best films of this year

The writing is brilliant, the visual aspects were picturesque, just about everything in this film is lovely. Every character is unique and human and complex. I don't like Scarlett Johansson all that much yet I couldn't help but love her character in this. Elsa, the Jewish girl hidden in the home of JoJo, is a funny, likable and realistic character. I love her so much. While generally comedic, charming, and light-hearted there are moments in this film that pull you back into reality and the seriousness of Nazi Germany and the war. There wasn't a single uninteresting moment. I understand if you have doubts about this film but I recommend seeing this if you have even just a slight interest. It's a beautiful film about a friendship that overcomes hate, as Roman Griffin Davis has put it. (He's a brilliant actor. I can't wait to see what he does next!) It's so nice to see an original take on WW2. I admire Taika Waititi so much.