Imperfect Review

  • 3/5

A simple girl with cliched fairy dreams of visiting the Eiffel Tower with the love of her life is her life's prime motive, Isha Sanghvi is a cute girl with Imperfect way to deal it. She is the girl from your gang who is unabashedly the most laughable girl, whose life is a mockery . Even what goes in her mind is depicted by a badass Isha which is the other side of the coin . This badass Isha who is the real Isha's imaginary angel speaks out what Isha really need to say but is unable to. In the thirst of finding a match to fulfill her Eiffel dream she is befooled many a times. Apart from the badass imaginary version of herself she has a comforting friend and a mother. Her life changes topsyturvy when she finds solace in a middle aged woman who give her the advice of her life which she misses out on her relentless pursuit of finding true love. Though life throws a whirlwind of uncertainities at her , she rediscovers herself.