ImMature Review

  • 2/5
[contains spoilers]

mMature follows the adventures of 11th grade students Dhruv, Kabir, Susu and Chhavi. The series is a reminiscence of our school days depicting a more fun and carefree stage of life. Dhruv’s crush on smart and fierce Chhavi made the most pivotal element in the series – a typical shy, awkward boy falls for the strong headed girl storyline that seems to be strongly inspired by TVF’s web series Flames. The amusing thing about the series is that the main characters do really live up to the title of the show. Dhruv, Kabir and Susu’s underage drinking at a rather shady place (and surprisingly not being caught by their parents), Kabir’s disturbingly good stalking skills and finding out addresses for Chhavi’s boyfriend as well as their teacher’s fiancée and giving his friends toxic advice on how to treat women, the trio showing up at a stranger’s place late at night in an intoxicated state to beat him up, Chhavi dating an adult (which is against the law, and very concerning for someone as smart as her) and people not seeing the problem with it and her constant insensitive mockery of Dhruv’s awkwardness and his inability to ask her out first, all of these are very questionable actions promoting toxic masculinity and sends out a negative message to its younger viewers. While there is no confirmation that a second season is in line for the series, it would be interesting to see what direction it takes if it does get renewed for one.