Her Review

Bashpa Vijayan
  • 4.5/5
[contains spoilers]

An insightful love story of the modern world that made the audience feel weird and also weep. It reflects the future generation where normalcy in romance and life is least expected. It depicts how a robot is also worthy of being loved and that, might turn out to be the future of our planet. The story revolves around a man Theodore Twombly, who works as an employee of a company that writes personalized love letters for special occasions. He believes in love and the power of it in an eternal perspective but later when his girlfriend decides to leave him, he ends up in a sad, closed space, still continuing his job. He also ends up lacking creativity in writing letters because he doesn’t feel love anymore. He thereby purchases a well-developed AI operating system to help with it. The voice in the system names herself Samantha and proves to be worthy of her presence to him. They spend a lot of time together and the relationship becomes more intimate. Theodore falls in love with Samantha and never discloses about it to his friends. Despite a series of misunderstandings and fights, they still look out for each other and Theodore forgets the fact that Samantha is not a real person. He also learns that everyone with access to AI Samantha has fallen in love which triggers his human senses and labels her as disloyal. One day, Theodore becomes aware that all the AI operating systems are being shut down and Samantha will be too, which puts him through the worst of situations and finally let Samantha go. He further meets his friend Amy, who has also been in a relationship with an AI, and both comfort each other for their terrible losses. The movie ends with a question on whether the two human beings with similar love stories, Theodore and Amy reunite or not. This movie is an interpretation of the nearest future we all are about to face. As we can already witness lonely people engrossed in electronic gadgets, the day where they fall in love with one is not very far. Although the movie beautifully depicts the need for love and affection in every individual, it also ends on a very frightful note because a future with an OS partner is not fun to think of.

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