Halloween Review

  • 5/5

He's back!

Michael Myers - the name, when heard, sent chills to spine of everyone who grew up watching Halloween (1978) and the disaster sequels that followed the years, is back. And this time, it's an homage to the classic 1978 flick.

40 years since the Halloween night when Laurie was attacked, Michael Myers (the brilliant James Jude Courtney) has escaped the prison to complete the unfinished task - kill Laurie Strode. This version recreates the tension, the horror, the gore with amazing acting, background score. Audience are in for a treat this winter because we have a brilliant slasher/thriller flick after a long time. From the moment the legendary Halloween theme plays after a dramatic scene of all the psychopaths being affected by Myers' mask reassure that this time you will get what you came for. Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) is fierce and conveys the audience that for the past 40 years, she has been waiting for Myers to return - so that she could kill him. Many of the scenes are a throwback to the classic flick and reminds the franchise fans of the horror of the original film. The music is astounding to say the least.

Watch the classic Halloween (1978), skip all the disastrous sequels and WATCH THIS ONE.

Surely, this movie is not for the faint-hearted and is a must-watch!