• 4/5
Simple, Satisfying and Scintillating!
[contains spoilers]

The story of a talented, hardworking girl surfing through the city of her dreams and achieving the goals she has set for herself. Meera Sehgal is an aspiring fashion designer, working on an internship in Mumbai, at a fashion house. She wants to give out her talents to the world and establish herself. However, her dad, an army officer, is holding up a deadline for her to come back to Dehradun and start her own business there after 3 days. The rest of season 1 is all about the various circumstances she has to put up with, like her bestfriend, Samira, who overspends, her other roommate, Kartik, who develops feelings for her, her designer boss, Avan, who is a cliched set-backer and the Chief, Rohan, who is just weird.

In a typical The Devil Wears Prada style, all the characters go about their business to make life chaotic for Meera. She has to make a ton of difficult decisions during the course of her stay and has to prove her mettle, through and through. Her strength and content of character makes her stand out from the crowd always and rise to the top.

It's a #feelGood series with an amazing cast. Mithila Palkar is just fabulous in essaying the role of the bubbly Meera. The circumstances are realistic, though the climax is predictable. The sets are simple and depict the middle-class style effortlessly. The direction is spectacular.

One of the most #entertaining web series!