Ghoul Review

Roshan Mhatre
  • 3/5
The Antihindu soul scavengers?

Netflix attempted to dig deeper into the roots of the Indian Market using the hype that was created for this miniseries.

After the trailer was dropped, the hype was crazy but as soon as the episodes came, that hype jumped from the top and died.

Since it was a miniseries, the number of episodes were only three; but it failed to build the character that was supposed to be.

The term “Horror Series” creates a image in our mind that it has to be thrilling and must give chills while watching; but when we try to pack so much of something in such a small time, we end up confusing the viewers.

The mood director wanted to create could have been done in a much deeper suspense.

The role of “Faulad Singh” was not much necessary, they could have been have improved there.

But the cinematography, CGI, a feel of isolation and the location were fantastic if not best.

The Storyline is appreciable but didn’t push the limits.

Climax which is very important in any series or movie is bit confusing but becomes clear after few minutes.

Overall to say, its good for a mini webseries.

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