Ghoul Review

  • 4/5

The Netflix series – Ghoul directed by Patrick Graham starring Radhika Apte, who is the one of the most demanded Actress of the decade. This series does justice to the horror genre even with a clichéd storyline.

Set in a time where fascism was souring and a “dystopian” government, the backdrop of the series was dark and sent chills right through the spine through its sets and the background score. Radhika Apte perfectly squeezed into her character who was brainwashed, strong yet terrified of the surroundings she was being exposed to.

With all the actors doing justice to their roles, this series did a very well job in at least creeping its audience. The idea of ghoul (A ghost from an Arabian Folklore) inhibiting bodies, was very well thought and the execution of the idea exceeded our expectations.

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