• 4.5/5
A must watch.

Friends reunite in Goa 4 years after the end of college. They get drunk, talk endlessly about their college days, recall seemingly insignificant incidents - and somewhere within the endless banter, they face their demons, confront things they need to confront, and simply watch as the seemingly insignificant incidents morph into something incredibly beautiful.

The story is very relatable and clear. It shows the bond between the four of them that will surely remind you of your old college days. There is no doubt about the storyline, it is very well written but it could have been executed more interestingly.

The most eye catchy thing in the series would definitely be Jatin sharma’s cameo. He has the power to pull thousands of watches after his role in Sacred Games. Likely every other group of friends, these four also have their ups and downs. They do make fun of each other which brings a smile on the viewer’s face but they also help each other whenever the time comes.

Overall I would say it is a must watch.