Flames Review

  • 3.5/5
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Flames feels like less of a show and more of a secret videotape of my own, and many others', tuition life during that hectic final year of school. It's got all the pressure and all the tension of class 12 set off against a light-hearted, budding romance that all of us have experienced - at least in our fantasies.

In five short episodes, The Timeliners take us down the memory lane of tuition friendships and crushes with all their naive drama and innocent awkwardness. The teasing, all-knowing voice-over of the Chemistry teacher as narrator is an echo of all the lessons learned from that time.

While the script could be more engaging, Season 1 of Flames warms the heart through its pure and simple plot. Let's hope that the hinted-at Season 2 gives us a little something more!