Flames Review

  • 4/5

The show is set in Delhi and revolves around a coaching class where all the magic unfolds. Rajat, a studious science student and his two best friends, Anusha and Gaurav go to the same coaching classes. A new student in the art class, Ishita, sparks curiosity in Rajat who instantly falls for her. Ishita seems interested in him and agrees to go on a date with him. An awful misunderstanding ensues between them due to a baseless rumor. Ishita is furious and Rajat can’t find any way to gain her trust back. The story is narrated by the chemistry teacher played by DeepeshSumitraJagdish in the form of chemistry concepts which is relatable to the young demographic. This approach is very creative.

The episodes are named after evergreen 90’s love songs and the background score also features these songs from time to time which is sure to make the viewers nostalgic.

The lead actors ace their parts of the local Delhi youth. A special mention to ShivamKakkar who is rib-tickling as Rajat’s hopeless best friend.

The dialogues are hilarious. The chemistry teacher as the best, most sarcastically hilarious lines. Not to forget, the banter between Anusha and Gaurav that reminds us of Rahul-Anjali of KuchKuchHotaHai!

Flames is the most realistic one could get to college/ tuition class romances. The awkward conversation, butterflies and that one well-intentioned teacher, Flames has it all covered for us to grow wistful of our good all’ days. Highly recommended watch.