Doctor Who Review

  • 4.5/5
[contains spoilers]

I started watching Doctor Who when Matt Smith was the doctor. Just out of curiosity as to why it was Dr. 'WHO', I started 'Rose' - and my life was never the same again.

Doctor Who has been a large part of Generation X while growing up. Even right now, the audience comprises of the ones who watched the original Dr. Who along with a few who joined in after its 2005 reboot ergo me. Being a millennial, I would have cared less about some old guy, with funky scarves and hats, travelling in a box with some random people; but all that changed when I watched that smiling Eccleston face. David Tennant reminded people of Tom Baker(arguably the best Doctor), Matt Smith brought that young charisma with this adorable bow-ties, Peter Capaldi brought the much needed seriousness to the role, fitting right in the mould of the Doctor - who destroyed his own planet to save the universe. However, with this, the mould was broken and we got the first ever female doctor - the brilliant Jodie Whittaker.

The current Doctor Who series has been sort of mixed-bag for the audiences. Jodie has done a great job so far and crushing her critics' opinions that a female can't be a Doctor. Chris Chibnal took over the reigns from Steven Moffat (Sherlock) and has managed to surpass the expectation from the doctor. Though the story has been mundane at many points, the Doctor (Whittaker) along with her 'friends' (yes - no 'companions' this time) have managed to compensate for it. The background score for this season needs a special mention because Alec Roberts killed it in Demons of the Punjab with its haunting score.

We have had a good share of emotional episodes till now with the first episode resulting in Ryan's nan's death; Rosa Parks episode, the partition of India in 'Demons...' episode; however, we are yet to see a Dalek or Cyberman worthy aliens.

With still 5 episodes to, it remains to be seen whether Chibnal will introduce a legendary monster in his series or will the 11th season go down as the most emotional/mundane season in the long and glorious history of Doctor Who.