• 5/5

Dead poets society is a beautiful movie which teaches one to love and live.

It begins with a strict boys boarding school whose environment changes as a new teacher, John Keating, joins who is supposed to teach them English. But to the boys' surprise,the teacher uses a different method of teaching. Keeping aside the conventional system, he talks to them about different spheres of life and seeks their opinion. His methods of teaching are different, so at first the students are surprised but later, they start admiring him.

Later, inspired from John's "Dead Poets Society" the students forms a society when he takes the students to a cave where they discuss about "poetry,love and romance".

Inspired by John, the boys go to pursue their dreams but is restricted by the school and family. Unable to handle the pressure, Neil commits suicide. Taking advantage of the situation, the authority accuses John and one by one, the boys are forced to admit it, leading to John leaving his post.

When John comes back for the last time to take back his belongings, the boys shout " O Captain! My Captain! " and they finally confess that John is innocent as John walks away..

This movie emphasizes how living for our dreams is important and that one has to have the courage to fight for them. Had the students fought for John, the ending would have very much been different. But, at the end, John gets the respect he had always deserved, a loving "Good bye"..! Maybe, that is where the power of love lies, it can move mountains.. It always does!