Coco Review

  • 3.5/5
Soulfully Beautiful
[contains spoilers]

In a classic tale of discovering inner self, Coco colorfully displays the Mexican culture and cacophony during the Day of the Dead festival. The protagonist, Miguel, dreams to perform and sing like his great great grandfather, but is prohibited by his family due to past events. Determined to prove himself, he discovers a clue, when a photo frame breaks and reveals his great great grandfather holding a guitar, known to be owned by the great singer Ernesto. He travels to the Land of the Dead and discovers his deceased family and asks a blessing from his great great grandmother, Imelda, to make him a famous singer. She, however, refuses and blesses him to just go back to the Land of the Living instead. Furious, he escapes, only to find a rather unlucky musician, Hector, who requests Miguel to just keep his photo in the Land of the Living, so that his memory remains alive.

After a great confusion between his deceased ancestors and the encounter with Ernesto, the mystery unravels that Hector is his great great grandfather and not Ernesto. It is revealed that Ernesto poisoned Hector, when he wanted to leave his musical journey, just to go back to his daughter, Coco, and took away all of Hector's musical credit as his own. This embarks a tough fight as Ernesto imprisons Miguel, so that Hector is never remembered. Determined to get back to his home, Miguel eventually wins and comes back just in time to help his great grandmother, Coco, remember her father and keep Hector's memories alive.

This movie has the best art direction and the creativity is at its best. The delicate features of the various characters, especially as skeletons, is portrayed very well. The soundtrack is refreshing and has a heavy cultural influence, which provides gravity to the story line. As any other Disney movie, a lot of emphasis is placed on values and character. All in all, this movie deserves the credit it has been receiving from critics and is a spectacular movie to watch with kids.

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