Cocktail Review

Ankur Sengupta
  • 2/5

What starts out as a lighthearted comedy finally ends up as a massacre. I simply fail to understand why Indian movie makers cannot abandon the age old formula of a love triangle. And to add insult to injury the movie is highly sexist. Saif Ali Khan is too old to portray even a 32 year old (as stated in the movie). It's surprising, if not idiotic that every woman he meets gets charmed by his outdated and cheesy lines. It's as if women in this movie are just dying to be wooed by this old bloke.

Deepika however looks pretty convincing and probably it's one of her best performances till date.

The plot is fine till the first half an hour or so, but as the movie proceeds Deepika tries to mold herself into the perfect Indian girl, just in order to convince the groom's family that she's an eligible Indian bride. In a way the movie reiterates that it's fine if you smoke, booze and go nuts, as long as you're a guy, but if you're a woman, especially an Indian woman then these things are a big no for you. Sexism at it's best!!!