Black Mirror Review

  • 4.5/5

Okay, why did no one think of a series explaining how technology manipulates people? Right, it does instantly sound like the work of a #geniusMind, doesnt it? It is.

Each episode gives you a different story of the life of a person where a certain type of technology dominates his/her life. And you can't deny that you've thought of the future having at least some of these technologies on a lazy rainy Sunday. Towards the end, you see how it makes life easier and more complicated at the same time. These #clever episodes always lead to a dark ending, where even the vices of social media are explained in a way you wouldn't have ever thought of.

It certainly isn't for every person, however. It has been rightly rated 16+, where many episodes contain violence and insane deaths. Some episodes will leave you in thought spirals, but in the end, your mind is guaranteed to be blown and you'll always be wanting more.