• 4/5

A funny,relevant and a brilliantly conceived mockumentary which a serves as an effective social commentary.

Better Life Foundation is a mockumentary style comedy series which is streaming on Hotstar.Its about the people involved in an infant NGO and the problems they face on a daily basis.

This is the first mockumentary series made in India and the team has to be lauded for using it efficiently. The series is genuinely very funny and is filled with a lot of subtle jokes and smart dialogues. The performances by Naveen Richard (who also co-wrote the show) and Sumukhi Suresh are the main highlights as they steal every scene they are present in. The writing is top notch as it also acts as form of social commentary. The series covers a lot of issues like open defecation in slums, financial scams and the struggle of infant NGOs.

An excellent script coupled with a pitch perfect execution makes Better Life Foundation a mandatory watch.