Atypical Review

Bashpa Vijayan
  • 4/5
[contains spoilers]

This 3 season show has touched us, made us laugh and feel happy in the end. This is everything a show that falls into the Drama genre does. The show beautifully talks about an autistic kid, Sam who with his family and friend(s) overcomes the most challenging barrier of a kid in the spectrum - finding a partner. This high school kid is provided with all the necessary privileges - a decent school, a loving family, a supportive friend, a guiding therapist and on the whole, a good environment. His younger sister is an aspiring athlete and takes care of him all her life. The need to break out from this motherly role, she ends up hurting the family, especially Sam. The family also encounters a lot of distractions, both minor and major, but the story is all about how they overcome it. The story also shows how a person doesn’t require a lot of friends to keep oneself happy. Sam’s only friend at work is all he needs and always looks out for him, despite his crazy actions. This show teaches people on how a kid in the autistic spectrum needs to be treated and handled and also shows how a family needs to sacrifice and stay united, irrespective of the backlogs. This is definitely a binge-watch worth television series and leaves the audience on a happy note.