Aladdin Review

  • 5/5
A Beautifully woven movie from the Arabian Knights
[contains spoilers]

Even though Disney no longer makes those 2D animations for movies and kids these days hardly prefer it, Aladdin is something you should get your kids to watch. Apart from the humor, the magical journey of Aladdin from being a poor kid to a princess's suitor is a delight to watch. The story-line is very different form the actual Arabian night tale so no, antagonist Zafaar is not his uncle. We see the princess, Jasmine as a very independent women very unlike the many other Disney princesses. Her pet tiger Sultan is a strong portrayal of her fearless yet loving nature. The climax comes out as dark and scary, but Genie is best thing that happened to the movie. Who could think that the character who plays the role of just a grant-wisher will could come out as a funny, witty, kind and a loyal friend at the end of the movie. What is more beautiful is that unlike the master-slave relation of Aladdin and Genie in the actual story, the adaptation features a more mutual relation between them. And who would have thought that a magic carpet could have felt so real? The magic just needs to be felt and most importantly, it never gets old.