Airlift Review

  • 4/5
[contains spoilers]

So based on a true event , the story is of a business man who is an Indian but lives in Kuwait with his family. The best thing about the movie is its actors who have played the condition of struggle so well… that we get goosebumps during the climax scenes . The songs of the movie have been a big hit . The movie revolves around the character named Ranjit Katiyal and his family . In 1990 , Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait for some political and business reasons . Ranjit tries to escape and flee the situation but then realizes how he will leave these people behind if he leaves without taking the responsibility of them and hence all the Indians in Kuwait struggle together against the odds they are facing . And finally their struggle outcomes in their safe returns by the greatest evacuation process any country has ever processed named on which Airlift name is based . As the movie proceeds it goes on being better and better . Goosebumps are guaranteed in the end !