Adulting Review

Shriya Simran Pradhan
  • 3/5
A Buyont Show With The Hashtag Good Vibes

Adulting works in ways it wants to work- a jaunty, lively web series meant to give all the cute aesthetic vibes from it's two vibrantly distinct characters, Ray & Nikhat. It does well for being a feelgood watch for young millennials, but those looking more authenticity might be dissapointed.

Ray & Nikhat, two wildly different people that seem to have nothing in like are housemates in the dreamcity of Mumbai, struggling to to be functional adults. You will think they will not get along at all, but its the so bad it's actually good thing. Ray is an architect, Nikhat a coder. Both are women trying to keep up with the pace of today's trends, be it on social media or be it tryna keep their lives cool by maintaining their super fine house with stuff no broke two people in the city of Mumbai will be able to afford. In its five episode seasons, Adulting explores a bunch of themes which somewhat seems like an anthology but still does well in keeping a steady, continous flow. Yashashwini Dayama and Aisha Ahmed flaunt their onscreen chemistry and do the best they can do with their characters. While Dayama's Ray is quirky, funny, Ahmed's Nikhat is the somewhat shy, insecure girl in the city we all were once.

While the first season explores the dynamics between the two best friends, the second season takes a longer into the real world by touching on small yet big quotidian topics. Though it struggles to feel 'real' and 'relatable', it does makes you think differently about some themes we usually miss upon. The second season is definitely more recommended than the first one, with its diverse storylines that lace into a pretty good plot. What's not pretty is the cast inconsistencies- Nikhat's season one co-workers are nowhere to be seen, and Viraj Ghelani who had played a minor character in the season one finale plays a completely different side character in the second season. Rohan Khurrana does a fabulous job in second season and completely shines in his episode.

Though fresh, Adulting fails to surprise you much. Slightly predictable, you will finish the show feeling not much except a sudden burst of inspiration to redecorate your house or be nicer to your housemates.