• 5/5

A Dogs Purpose is an amazing movie for animal lovers and specially for dog lovers . This movie revolves around the life of dogs with their owners and in particularly one dog who gets four births one after another.

In the first life the dog took birth as a Feral puppy but was put down for being euthanized soon ,

then in his second life the dog took birth as a Golden Retriever who gets stolen from a puppy mill and then was being sold off to some one for money before his owner Ethan found him and took him under his care and he named the dog as Bailey . Bailey lived his full life with Ethan but during his old times he was put down to sleep at the vets clinic so his death would become less painful as he was getting old ,

then he took birth as a female German Shepherd police dog who was named as Ellie , in this life Ellie was pretty happy with her owner but she didn't get to live long with him because she died while trying to catch a kidnapper ,

then Ellie took birth as a tiny male corgi who got owned by a girl named Maya . Maya named her corgi as TIno , Maya was a college girl who lived alone so Tino made it his purpose to find her(Maya) happiness and he spent his best time with her ,

then Tino had a rebirth as a male Saint Bernard puppy who was named waffles by his owners and he got disowned by his owner this time, but he remembered the smell of the village that he used to live in when he was found by Ethan as a retriever pup , he went back there to find Ethan and he found Ethan who took a bit time to recognize that it might be his boss dog that is Bailey .

In the end Bailey realized that a " dog's purpose is to find happiness for their master and that evry dog has a purpose ".