• Air date: 28 Jun '10 12 episodes
      Rescue: Special Ops is an Australian television drama series that first screened on the Nine Network in 2009. Filmed in and around Sydney, the program is produced by Southern Star Group with the assistance of Screen Australia and the New South Wales Government. This drama series focuses on a team of experienced professional paramedics who specialise in rescue operations. It premiered on Sunday 2 August 2009, and the season finale of the first season aired on Sunday 25 October. A second season screened from 28 June 2010. The third and final season consisting of 22 episodes screened from 30 May 2011. The Nine Network has confirmed it will not be renewing Rescue Special Ops for a fourth season.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. Enemy Mine

      28 Jun '10
      Dean and the team are back, and they risk their lives to save a miner trapped in an underground disaster. Michelle fears for her team's safety when Vince uncovers a criminal conspiracy at the gold mine, and Vince is tempted by a lucrative job offer to leave Special Ops.
    • 2. A Day in the Life of Dean Gallagher

      05 Jul '10
      A jetskier causes an explosion at a marina fuel depot, with deadly results for Dean. Passions ignite during a turf war between Rescue and a glamorous firefighter, and Chase's love life takes an unexpected turn.
    • 3. Locked In

      12 Jul '10
      The team is caught in a deadly child custody dispute after rescuing a family from a car crash. Heidi's quest to become a chopper pilot takes a nosedive, and Chase helps Bingo get justice after he is conned by an old schoolmate.
    • 4. Jordan's Choice

      19 Jul '10
      Returning from a surfing safari, Jordan attends a cliff-top bus crash and is forced to make a fateful choice over whose life to save. Vince uses all his romantic charm to catch a con woman during a date, and Lara has the last laugh after Dean supports her husband's decision to buy a motorbike.
    • 5. Shock Jock

      26 Jul '10
      A massive explosion rips through the A-list party of an infamous breakfast radio host. Michelle takes extreme action when the rivalry between Chase and Bingo starts to affect their work.
    • 6. Thicker Than Water

      02 Aug '10
      After risking their lives to save a missing kayaker, the team is hunted down by a murderous drug addict in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Also, Jordan and Heidi discover a secret drug lab in a national park.
    • 7. Find My Baby

      09 Aug '10
      Dean is obsessed with finding a missing child after a freak car accident. Chase wins more than gratitude when he saves his counsellor, Emma, from a violent patient. A dispute over a winning lottery ticket threatens to wreck Jordan and Heidi's friendship.
    • 9. Out of the Ashes

      23 Aug '10
      Michelle risks the future of Rescue when she covers up a sex scandal involving a government minister. The team uncovers a trail of arson and murder while rescuing guests from a luxury hotel, and Dean learns the heartbreaking truth about his girlfriend Anika.
    • 10. Rock Stars

      30 Aug '10
      The heat is on Rescue to locate a missing rock star after a disaster at a music festival. Jordan fights to help Heidi fulfil her dream of becoming a Rescue chopper pilot.
    • 11. Off The Rails

      06 Sep '10
      Chase uncovers a deadly conspiracy at an underground train disaster, Dean and Lara get an unexpected shock while searching for a man lost in subway tunnels, and Vince makes a startling confession while helping a suicidal man.
    • 12. One for the Money

      13 Sep '10
      Lara finds herself the target of organised crime after rescuing a charming con man from a plane crash, and Chase and the team are plagued by bad luck while treating the survivors of a light plane crash in remote wilderness.
    • 13. Crazy Love

      20 Sep '10
      Michelle and her baby are kidnapped, sparking a desperate manhunt and rescue for Dean, Vince and the team. Michelle receives the DNA tests on her son. So who is the father? Chase suffers a painful injury during a high rise rescue.