• Air date: 14 Jan '22 5 episodes
      This is a Tamil anthology series comprising five episodes. All five tales hark back to themes of love, hope and togetherness in trying times
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    • Police constables Murugan and Kuyili undertake a heart warming adventure to reunite two lovers. Not only does it serve as a welcome diversion from their mundane lockdown duties, it also gives Murugan an opportunity to pursue his own love interest.
    • 2. Loners

      14 Jan '22
      After going through a break up in the pandemic, Nalla serendipitously meets Dheeran on a virtual wedding get together. What follows is a series of deep meaningful conversations that enables them to develop a bond virtually and be alone together.
    • Yashoda & Murali haven’t spoken in years despite living in the same house, in the shadow of their long-forgotten love. When Yashoda begins to show symptoms of the virus, the couple is forced to confront their distance and navigate complex emotions.
    • 4. The Mask

      14 Jan '22
      Arjun, a quintessential work-from-home IT professional, struggles to tell his overbearing parents about his secret relationship. An out-of-the-blue rendezvous with an old school friend, Velu, alters the course of both their lives and inspires self-acceptance like never before.
    • When she receives news of her father's death, 30-year-old Shobi, a dispassionate woman battling her own existential crisis, travels to her hometown Pondicherry; where she discovers what it means to feel alive again, through the redemptive power of the acceptance of grief.