Project Blue Book : Season 2

    • Air date: 21 Jan '20 6 episodes
      New threats loom for Project Blue Book, Dr. Allen Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn must delve further down the UFO conspiracy rabbit hole in their quest for the truth. Soon, cover-ups from the past collide with new UFO cases, forcing our duo to not only question the multi-faceted layers to a broadening global conspiracy, but the very nature & origin of UFOs themselves in an unstable world.
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. The Roswell Incident - Part I

    • Hynek and Quinn follow General Harding to Roswell, New Mexico, where an anonymous townsperson has threatened to expose evidence to the world of an extraterrestrial crash-landing six years ago.

    2. The Roswell Incident - Part II

    • Hynek and Quinn nearly reach a potential culprit, which could take them to just where they need to be to discover the truth behind the famous Roswell incident.

    3. Area 51

    4. Hopkinsville

    5. The Men in Black

    6. Close Encounters