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      Air date: 21 Jan '20 6 episodes
      You know how much I don't like going to the gym right? but what if I could get fit by tilling land? Or harvesting sugarcane? Does that sound totally crazy? I thought so too! As they say, give a YouTuber like me a challenge and all I see is an opportunity to make content out of it. So here I bring to you YouTube Originals Pretty Fit, a show where I put my urban, sophisticated guests through a series of fun, rustic fitness challenges such as doing laundry by hand or milking cows. All along, discussing issues regarding body image, beauty and self worth.
      Pretty Fit season 1 has 6 episodes. It is a talk-show web-series starring Prajakta Koli. Season 1 for Pretty Fit aired on 21 Jan '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • Neha and I have one thing in common, both of us have bathed buffaloes with our bare hands! .Watch us get a little too personal with the buffaloes and try our hand at lassi making! The yummiest lassi wins on this episode of YouTube Originals Pretty Fit.
    • When two East-Delhi girls met detergents and hot press irons! .Watch this episode of YouTube Originals Pretty Fit to see who takes the title of Dhobi of the year! Will it be Sanya or me?
    • Mithila and I get competitive in a way you've never seen before! Two Marathi girls, kaashta sarees and a boat in the middle of the ocean! .Watch how we go fishing for our lunch in this episode of YouTube Originals Pretty Fit!
    • How far can you go for the one thing you love ? Well, I drove Sumukhi to a sugarcane field far, far away because she mentioned she loved sugarcane juice! .Watch us make the sweetest memories on this episode of YouTube Originals Pretty Fit!
    • Malishka and I spent one whole day in a remote village in Maharashtra trying to live the life of a village woman and honestly, band hi baj gayi bhaisahab! .Watch the whole episode to see our day unfold one task at a time!
    • Wait a minute! Why am I in a village, digging mud and making pots! Also, what is Kareena Kapoor Khan doing here with me! .I know you're intrigued so watch as we both struggle to make the best pots and prepare yourself for a whole lot of laughter in the finale episode of YouTube Originals Pretty Fit!