Police Diary 2.0 : Season 1

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      Air date: 01 Nov '19 6 episodes
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    1. Thiruvizha

    • Two Special Task Force teams, one led by Kathir and the other by Tamizh, captures a suspect related to an attack. The investigation reveals that an attack is planned in Chennai. However, even after a thorough investigation, the STF fails to obtain any concrete clue or information.

    2. Thiruvizha - The festival draws to an end

    • While Vishwanath, the Superintendent of Police, gets busy with his daughter's wedding, the Special Task Force teams shoulder the responsibility of investigating about the planned attack and suspected targets. While the teams unearth the findings from their investigation, they've less than an hour to stop the attack.

    3. Driver

    • On a tragic day, as Sadhana and her younger brother, Vignesh, wait for their school bus outside their house in Coimbatore, unknown miscreants kidnap them. Worried, their parents file a complaint at the local police station. In the meanwhile, DSP Kadhir and team, who land up in Coimbatore, try to resolve this kidnapping case.

    4. Driver - The missing links

    • After being kidnapped, Sadhana and Vignesh are made to believe they're being taken for a picnic. However, the kids start getting restless when their journey feels unending. In the meanwhile, Kadhir and team continue with their investigation and find some crucial clues that can lead them to the teenagers.

    5. Crooked Mind

    • After the heinous murder of an aspiring actress, who is also the wife of a popular director, the Special Task Force team, led by Tamizh, springs into action. However, Tamizh is baffled when the press starts obtaining clues first-hand while the STF scrambles for any concrete evidence.

    6. Crooked Mind - The murderer in disguise

    • As the investigation continues, the case turns interesting. Tamizh finds it challenging to search for the head of the victim. Will he be able to identify the real murderer and solve the case, or does an unexpected twist await him?