• Air date: 24 Oct '04 8 episodes
      Pimp My Ride is a TV show produced by MTV. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customizing it. The original American version was hosted by rapper Xzibit. Recently, MTV2 has begun airing episodes from Pimp My Ride UK hosted by DJ Tim Westwood, which features cars being customised in the UK, and Pimp My Ride International, featuring cars in central Europe, hosted by hip hop artists Fat Joe and Lil' Jon, as well as the related CMT series Trick My Truck.
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    • 1. Ron's Cadillac Eldorado

      24 Oct '04
      Ride Owner: "Big" Ron. Male. Owner's Ride: 1984 Cadillac Eldorado. Big Ron's 1984 Cadillac El Dorado is a far cry from the literal translation meaning "the gilded one." After losing the vinyl top on the freeway and the front grill decided to take a left turn while the car went right, it is clear this baby is in desperate need of some West Coast Customs lovin'. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, Sunset Pearl (Orange) with retro raspberry and white
    • 2. Kiearah's Ford Escort

      31 Oct '04
      Ride Owner: Kiearah. 22 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1991 Ford Escort. Kiearah's 1991 Ford Escort looks more like an art project than a reliable mode of transportation. After all, her boyfriend had a little too much fun spray painting her non-existent hub caps and tires after taking out most of the dashboard. In addition, the body of the car is all beat up after a stray shopping cart decided to tango with her car. X can't help but laugh at Kiearah's makeshift AC, which is a house fan
    • 3. Ryan's Volkswagen Bus

      07 Nov '04
      Ride Owner: Ryan. Male. Owner's Ride: 1958 Volkswagen Bus. X and the boys at West Coast Customs are more than ready to pimp yet another ride. A fanatic surfer, high-school student Ryan says he's spent a goldmine on his 1956 Volkswagen van, and although the epoch vehicle is windowless, covered with rust, and must be hotwired in order for the engine to start, Ryan claims that it is the car of his dreams. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. Additions & Improvements: -Paint, top half white and
    • 4. Alice's Chevy Suburban

      14 Nov '04
      Ride Owner: Alice. 20 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1985 Chevy Suburban. Alice's Chevy Suburban could be easily mistaken for a mobile junk yard. While most Suburbans sport roomy passenger seating, Alice's ride is filled with tires suited for monster trucks. No wonder Alice and her friends are embarrassed to cruise in this ride. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride. Additions & Improvements: -Custom Paint, Burple, a mix of Blue and Purple -37" tires with 22" chrome giovanna rims -Custom
    • 5. Erin's Chevy Blazer

      21 Nov '04
      Ride Owner: Erin. 22 Year Old Female. Owner's Ride: 1987 Chevy Blazer. Erin's 1987 Chevy Blazer is far from blazin' these days. The monster of a ride looks like a monster with dents galore, chipping paint and Erin even has to use a screwdriver to open the doors! Erin wants a ride that represents her hardworking and determined personality, not a hunk of junk. After all, she bought this ride with her own money when she was only 16 years-old, and since then, has sunk about 10G's into the Blazer.
    • 6. Josh's Acura Legend

      28 Nov '04
      Ride Owner: Josh. Male. Owner's Ride: 1988 Acura Legend. Josh's 1988 Acura Legend is far from legendary--it barely qualifies as a vehicle when we first meet him. A chain and padlock hold down the hood and the electrical wiring is so confused, the windshield wipers go off every time Josh honks his horn. Josh teaches inner-city kids, so he needs a ride that they can respect and one that shows the kids that decent, hardworking people are paid back in life. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride.
    • 7. Quoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX

      05 Dec '04
      Ride Owner: Quoc-viet. Male. Owner's Ride: 1989 Nissan 240 SX Quoc-Viet had good intentions when he tried to customize his 1989 Nissan 240SX. While buying an assortment of custom body parts for his ride had seemed like a good idea, actually installing the parts was another problem. The double-sided tape holding together the body kit has begun to lose its grip. In place of the passenger's seat, there's a radiator fan, headlights, gaming controllers, and more random stuff that has no business
    • 8. West's Ford Fairlane

      12 Dec '04
      Ride Owner: West. 19 Year Old Male. Owner's Ride: 1963 Ford Fairlane. Owner's New Ride: 2005 Toyota 4runner. West's 41-year-old ride is over twice his age, but no one is sure how much longer this Ford Fairlane is going to ride on. With nothing but tape holding it together in places, West may have to begin to look for a new whip, unless the guys at West Coast Customs get on the job, and quick. When Xzibit rolls on into the garage with the Fairlane, the boys can't believe their eyes. This