• Air date: 21 Oct '22 8 episodes
      To marry the girl he loves, the hero tames a bull that belongs to her with deceptive tricks. His frivolous act rekindles the bygone animosity between the families that prompts several problems.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Thoongum Yerimalayin Peruvedippu

      21 Oct '22
      Pandi, a chivalrous young man who always takes pride in taming bulls, becomes resolute to tame the bull of the village’s big shot Selvasegaran, despite being told not to, oblivious to the repercussions of his impulsive act.
    • 2. Valvinayum Vanjapperum Pagaiyum

      28 Oct '22
      Selvasegaran’s ego is severely triggered as Pandi tames the bull. After being tamed by Pandi, the bull’s sorrowful death irks Selvasegaran and his family even more. Selvasegaran swears to avenge Pandi and retain his ravaged pride. Meanwhile, Selvasegaran’s son Veerasegaran decides to use the dispute to his advantage and overthrow his father.
    • 3. Vanmamenum Kodungoor Aayutham

      04 Nov '22
      Meenakshi’s brother, a trusted ally of Selvasegaran rants and raves about Selvasegaran’s supremacy and undignified behaviour to his son and Veerasegaran confides in him about how he also despises his narcissistic father. They both conclude to overthrow him, using Pandi as a pawn.
    • 4. Kaaliyin Avadharippu

      11 Nov '22
      Meenakshi’s unexpected pregnancy enrages Selvasegaran. He vows to kill that child. Veerasegaran’s wicked plans to overthrow his father continues to unfold. In addition to this, Thenmozhi decides to make her bull Kaali participate in the forthcoming Jallikattu.
    • 5. Kadhalin Vazhi Neduga

      18 Nov '22
      Kaali is nowhere to be found and the whole family especially Thenmozhi is upset, out of nowhere she receives a call from Parthiban. Veerasegaran spins a wicked plan. Meanwhile, Parthiban develops feelings for Thenmozhi.
    • 6. Anbirkum Undo Adaikunthal

      25 Nov '22
      Muthaiya confronts Veerasegaran about the shady activities he has been indulged in and animosity flares up among them. Thenmozhi says to Parthiban that she’ll marry the man who tames her bull Kaali and desperate Parthiban tries to accomplish this gnarly task in a tricky way, oblivious to the terrible consequences.
    • 7. Sadhuranga Kaaigalin Sarivu

      02 Dec '22
      Thenmozhi rushes to see Parthiban, who is on the verge of death and her raged brother blames their bull Kali for all the misfortunes. Veerasegaran provokes him even more and convinces him to sell the bull. Meenakshi continues to plot against Selvasegaran.
    • 8. Sei Alladhu Sethu Madi

      09 Dec '22
      All hell breaks loose when Thenmozhi’s brother sneaks into Muthaiya’s place with his goons. Provoked Muthaiya, does all arrangements to unite the couple but Parthiban’s sudden confession deterrents the plan. An intense feud erupts between Veerasegaran and Thenmozhi when she goes to his home to bring back Kaali.