Persona : Season 1

    • Air date: 11 Apr '19 4 episodes
  • List of Episodes (4)

    1. Love Set

    • Two women get entangled in an intense battle of wills on the tennis court and try to pummel one another, but the stakes are higher than they realize.

    2. Collector

    • A befuddled man wants to know why a woman he’s seeing disappeared to go traveling with her male friends -- but she demands a gesture of true love.

    3. Kiss Burn

    • As she listens to her friend’s tale about how the marks on her face are from making out with a guy, the two of them inadvertently cause a mishap.

    4. Walking at Night

    • A man and a woman take an evening stroll together and ruminate about dreams and their various past moments spent together -- as well as death.