• Air date: 07 Jun '24 10 episodes
      The most famously single stars of Netflix’s unscripted series are brought to a tropical paradise in an attempt to find love. As they compete to form relationships, the most compatible couples will play matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand-new singles they’ll invite to the villa. Will they create better matches, or will they create chaos? In this over-the-top journey of strategy and dating hosted by Nick Lachey, only one couple will be crowned the Perfect Match.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Ready, Set, Match

      07 Jun '24
      Ten singles arrive in Tulum and break the ice with some dicey dares. Fledging flirtationships hang in the balance during a physical challenge.
    • 2. Kiss and Tell

      07 Jun '24
      The couples dive in lips first for the kissing challenge. A surprise date creates drama for one pair, and two sets of matches decide to shake things up.
    • 3. Chaos Theory

      07 Jun '24
      The boardroom becomes the war room when one couple stirs the pot. One contestant's reputation returns to haunt their current match — and their new date.
    • 4. Truth Bombs

      07 Jun '24
      A new match is sealed with a kiss, and the contestants are tested on how well they know one another. One couple's sweet evening turns sour.
    • 5. Shakeups & Breakups

      07 Jun '24
      A tough night turns into a testy morning in the boardroom. Matches and the matchless make bold moves as one single's sudden interest raises doubts.
    • 6. Seeing Eye to Eye

      07 Jun '24
      The couples hit the beach to test their teamwork skills. One contestant turns their attention toward a former crush. A new arrival makes a splash.
    • 7. Love Is Blindfolded

      14 Jun '24
      Trust and vulnerability are key as the couples try to untangle themselves during a compatibility challenge. One boardroom decision ushers in a storm.
    • 8. He Said, She Said

      14 Jun '24
      There's trouble in Tulum when the guys and gals enjoy their respective days out — only to be interrupted by some flirtatious party crashers.
    • 9. To Tell the Truth

      14 Jun '24
      Ahead of the final vote, couples find their futures hanging in the balance when a tense mixer brings romance and drama — plus potential new matches.
    • 10. Episode 10

      21 Jun '24