• Air date: 15 Mar '23 15 episodes
      Go inside the colorful world of the pawn business. At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, generations of the Harrison family run the family business, and there’s clashing and camaraderie every step of the way.
  • List of Episodes (15)
    • 1. Battle-Pawn

      15 Mar '23
      Rick prepares for battle over a pair of vintage posters, but will he win the war? Then, Rick and Chum call on the power of Grayskull as they check out a large Battle Cat toy. Will the duo be cringing from sticker shock, or will they be able to transform the negotiations? Meanwhile, Corey takes a look at an old fireman's megaphone. Can he ignite a deal, or will he get hosed? And later, Chum heads over to a photo gallery to see a shot of a lifetime. Will this be a picture-perfect deal, or is he
    • 2. The Pawnerator

      22 Mar '23
    • 3. Rarer Than Hen's Teeth

      29 Mar '23
    • 4. Detective Rick Tracy

      05 Apr '23
    • 5. Chum Goes to Hollywood

      12 Apr '23
    • 6. The Mad Pawner

      19 Apr '23
    • 7. The Rick-sy Rebellion

      26 Apr '23
    • 8. May the Miniforce Be With You

      03 May '23
      Corey finds out if the force is with him, when a seller comes in with two Star Wars Lego minifigures. Can he "C" his way to a deal, or will he run into a brick wall? Then, Rick and Chum mosey on down to Texas where WWE Champion Booker T helps them authenticate a pair of wrestling boots. Will they tag team a deal, or tap out? And finally, Rick tries not to pop with excitement when he checks out a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog statue.
    • 9. Jumpin' Jake Flash

      10 May '23
      A set of replica Muppets has Chum feeling green with envy; But will going gonzo over these furry friends land him the goods? Meanwhile, Rick flips over an autograph book from the 1800s, but are the signatures the real deal? Next, when a pair of pants supposedly worn by Keith Richard rolls into the shop, Corey teaches his brother Jake you can't always get what you want. And later, Rick has a "finger-lickin" good time when he pops over to a gallery in L.A. Will he find the secret ingredient to
    • 10. Thunder Pawns

      17 May '23
      Rick sees red when a Rolex Submariner hits the counter. Will his offer make a splash, or is it just a waste of time? Meanwhile, Corey gets slap happy over a hockey stick signed by Paul Newman. Can he score a deal, or will he be iced out? Next, Chum and Santos are sweet on a set of Mr. Softee trading cards. And later, Rick tries not to explode with joy when he heads to the range to check out a set of Bolivian thunder mugs.
    • 11. The Big Dig

      24 May '23
      Time's a-ticking when a seller brings a Mr. T wall clock to the shop. Will Rick and Corey see gold, or will they pity the fool? Then, Rick checks out James Bond's credit card from the 2006 movie "Casino Royale." Will the asking price make the sky fall, or will Harrison, Rick Harrison get the license to pawn? Meanwhile, Corey plays with an Atomic Cannon toy. But will this opportunity go nuclear? And later, Chum and Rick get down and dirty in Texas looking for fossils. But can they dig up a deal,
    • 12. Heerre's Corey!

      07 Jun '23
      Things get scary, when a seller comes in with a letter from Stephen King. Will all work and no play make Corey a dull boy? Then, Chum gets a sweet lesson when he checks out signed Steve Aoki merchandise. Will the offer be a piece of cake, or will he be left waiting for the drop? Meanwhile, Corey pays lip service to a Harrison family tradition when a James Bond poster comes in. Does he spy a deal? And later, Rick's seeing stars as he heads to the range to check out a weapon that inspired Han Solo
    • 13. Siegfried and Rick

      14 Jun '23
      When a customer walks into the shop with a signature worthy of presidential praise; Chum heads to a prop house in L.A. to reflect on some historic Hollywood items; a magician has an enchanting car once owned by Siegfried and Roy.
    • 14. The Big Kahuna

      21 Jun '23
      Rick hangs ten as he checks out a rare playing card featuring a legendary surfer. Chum heads to the range to check out a "Yellow Boy" carbine. Corey looks through a collection of items from Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" music video.
    • 15. A Surreally Good Deal

      28 Jun '23
      Rick makes a surreally good deal for a painting supposedly created by artist, Rene Magritte. In order to have the apple of his eye authenticated, he and Chum must head to Belgium. Corey tries to score on a Tom Brady Pro Bowl jersey and Seiko watch.