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      Air date: 04 Jun '21 5 episodes
      What's the reason for Parboni's return to her past? Will her family accept her this way? This Durga Puja, witness the drama that unfolds at the Chowdhury household as Parboni returns with a dreaded secret.
      Paap season 2 has 5 episodes. It is a bengali thriller, drama web-series starring Pooja Bose, Rahul Banerjee, Rajat Ganguly and Bhaswar Chatterjee. It is created by Anupam Hari. Season 2 for Paap aired on 04 Jun '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform Hoichoi and Jio.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Bohurupi

      04 Jun '21
      Almost everyone in the Choudhury household accuses Parboni of Choton's murder. An ear-splitting howl from one of the Choudhurys pierces the silence of the house in mourning.
    • 2. Chabikathi

      04 Jun '21
      With Tublu dead, Monojit Halder starts interrogating the family again. As Tublu's wife reveals a name that he had uttered in his last moment, another missing piece of the puzzle comes to the fore.
    • 3. Sondhikhon

      04 Jun '21
      As Halder questions everyone about the identical keys found in the stomachs of the deceased, Parboni suddenly faints. Bulu's husband reveals a dark secret of the family. Who's turn is it now to pay for the sins of the family?
    • 4. Obhisondhi

      04 Jun '21
      As the family mourns another death, Halder stuns them all by revealing the identity of the killer. Baikuntho turns pale on hearing Parboni recollect her past. Someone notices Parboni behaving mysteriously late at night.
    • 5. Uposonghar

      04 Jun '21
      Parboni recounts her past to an unexpected friend. On the night of the bisarjan, things come a full circle as all the sinners are made to pay for their past misdeeds.