Paanch Phoron : Season 2

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  • List of Episodes (5)

    1. Khworkuto

    • Ayan and Rajanya are about to walk away from each other, as their marriage slowly falls apart. Will Ayan be able to return the last piece of Rajanya's memory?

    2. Donor

    • Adnan is stuck between the love of his life and the man who gave him his life. Whose life will he save - and who will be sacrificed?

    3. Praay Kafka

    • Arindom wakes up to a brand new life, after a shocking change overnight. Will this new life push him away from the love of his life?

    4. Afternoon Audition

    • Three people struggle to get through a slow-paced afternoon in the city. What mystery lies beneath the shadow of past love?

    5. Three Kisses

    • Two brothers, Abhi and Ravi, are both in love with a girl named Dipa. But, who will finally win Dipa's heart?