• Air date: 03 Nov '23 8 episodes
      Haunted by flashes of a tragic past, a private investigator, Meenakshi Iyer, aka P.I. Meena, is forced to keep her personal life aside and goes down the rabbit hole of a conspiracy that is tearing apart the worlds of everyone who comes close to it.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • A brutal road accident that kills a young man. When the man’s mother, Chandana, tells Meenakshi that it wasn’t an accident and requests her to investigate it, Meenakshi refuses saying PI’s have no business investigating murders. But can she stay away?
    • Still unsure, Meenakshi starts digging. She starts suspecting that the dead man was somehow linked to a mysterious virus outbreak in the village of Littnong, Eastern Himalayas.
    • A virus starts breaking out around Kolkata. Meenakshi’s investigation picks up speed. A Central Intelligence officer warns Meenakshi to stay away from something that’s way beyond her comprehension.
    • Kolkata is gripped by the virus outbreak. Meenakshi links the Kolkata virus to the Littnong one. Unknown to her, games are being played by her own accomplices about the identity of the virus. She must go back to Littnong to find some light.
    • A few earth-shattering breakthroughs stab Meenakshi’s heart. She decides not to continue with her investigation any more only to be brought back to it by her friend. Because now it is not just a man’s death but the need to stop a genocide.