• Air date: 08 Sep '22 13 episodes
      E-Rantel, the capital city of the newly established Sorcerer Kingdom, suffers from a dire shortage of goods. Once a prosperous city known for its trade, it now faces a crisis due to its caution—or even fear—of its king, Ainz Ooal Gown. To make amends, Ainz sends Albedo to the city as a diplomatic envoy. Meanwhile, the cardinals of the Slane Theocracy discuss how to retaliate against Ainz after his attack crippled the Re-Estize Kingdom's army, plotting for the Baharuth Empire to take over
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • Albedo personally makes her way to Re-Estize Kingdom as an envoy of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Meanwhile, the people of Re-Estize continue to do what they can to recover from the recent war and prepare for the future. Though not everyone has peace in mind.
    • The major powers in other countries grow increasingly wary about the Sorcerer Kingdom. Especially the emperor of the Barahuth Empire, who might go bald from the stress induced by the overwhelming power of Ains Ooal Gown. On which side will he stand?
    • While Albedo and the others make their moves toward world domination, Ains has his own little plan. He wants to cultivate true adventurers to explore the unknown, like the players in Yggdrasil. His recruitment efforts bring him to the Baharuth Empire...
    • After his visit to the Empire, Ains decides to go and create a friendly relationship with the Dwarf Kingdom. Sadly, he only finds an empty city when he gets there. Deep within the tunnels, he meets a dwarf named Gondo who tells him happened.
    • Ains decides to lend a hand to the dwarves fighting against the Quagoa, but not for free. He wants to gather Gondo and the other runesmiths for the Sorcerer Kingdom. At the same time, Ains happens to find the perfect chance to teach Shalltear a thing or two.
    • The Clan Lord discovers that Ains and his group are approaching the royal capital and asks the frost dragons for help. The Dragon Lord sends his son to intercept the party, while Ains decides to split up the group to confront the Quagoa and frost dragons.
    • While various things are happening in the neighboring countries, Philip continues to wallow in failure within the Re-Estize Kingdom. After meeting with some nobles from his new faction and he suddenly comes up with a brilliant idea...
    • 9. Countdown to Extinction

      30 Aug '22
      The Sorcerer Kingdom declares war against the Re-Estize Kingdom and gives them exactly one month to prepare. Ains plans to show the world what happens to the enemies of Ains Ooal Gown. However, a few in Nazarick consider this massacre excessive.
    • 10. The Last King

      06 Sep '22
      Ains and his army marches towards the royal capital to finally annihilate the Re-Estize Kingdom. Various forces prepare themselves for the coming onslaught. Before the last battle, Zanac rides alone to meet with Ains for a peaceful discussion.
    • 11. Well-prepared Traps

      13 Sep '22
      To gain more information, Ains and Albedo use themselves as bait as they approach the royal capital. Azuth comes to defend the capital and quickly separates the two. While the two of them exchange blows in the air, a mysterious figure comes to visit Ains
    • 12. Invasion of the Royal Capital

      20 Sep '22
      Everyone in the Re-Estize Kingdom makes their final preparations as the Sorcerer Kingdom's army invades the royal capital. Some try to escape and some just wait to die. But there are a few among them who wish to fight until the very end.
    • 13. The Witch of the Falling Kingdom

      27 Sep '22
      Princess Renner decides to stay with her father and struggle against the Sorcerer King until the very end. Climb follows the orders of the princess and sneaks out of the royal palace only to be surprised at what he greets him when he returns.