• Air date: 17 Feb '20 12 episodes
      Book Five finds the Frasers fighting for their family and the home they have forged on Fraser’s Ridge. Jamie must find a way to defend all that he has created in America, while hiding his personal relationship with Murtagh Fitzgibbons, the man whom Governor William Tryon has ordered him to hunt down and kill. With her family together at last, Claire Fraser must use her modern medical knowledge and foresight to prevent them from being ripped apart once again.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. The Fiery Cross

      16 Feb '20
      Following celebrations in honor of Brianna and Roger's wedding, Governor Tryon reminds Jamie of his obligation to hunt down and kill Murtagh Fitzgibbons.
    • 2. Between Two Fires

      23 Feb '20
      As Jamie continues to hunt Murtagh with the aid of the zealous Lieutenant Hamilton Knox, he's forced to consider whether or not he's on the right side of history.
    • 3. Free Will

      01 Mar '20
      The growing Regulator threat forces Jamie, Claire and Roger to embark on a mission to raise a militia.
    • 4. Company We Keep

      08 Mar '20
      Roger leads Jamie's militia to the trading post of Brownsville and finds himself embroiled in a bitter feud. Jamie and Claire arrive to find that Roger's unusual strategy may have cost them the loyalty of the militia.
    • 5. Perpetual Adoration

      15 Mar '20
      Jamie and his militia arrive at Hillsborough to learn that Governor Tryon has proposed a rather unorthodox solution to deal with the threat posed by the Regulators and to resolve the growing political crisis.
    • 6. Better to Marry Than Burn

      22 Mar '20
      At Jocasta's wedding, Jamie learns Tryon's true motivation for ending the Regulator threat.
    • 7. The Ballad of Roger Mac

      29 Mar '20
      The Regulator Rebellion reaches a boiling point, forcing Jamie to face his fear and confront the consequence of his divided loyalties.
    • 8. Famous Last Words

      12 Apr '20
    • 9. Mercy Shall Follow Me

      19 Apr '20
    • 10. Monsters and Heroes

      26 Apr '20
    • 11. Journeycake

      03 May '20
    • 12. What Dreams May Come

      10 May '20