• Air date: 05 Oct '15 25 episodes
      The adventures of young Osomatsu Matsuno and his five sextuplet brothers.
  • List of Episodes (25)
    • 1. Osomatsu-kun Returns

      05 Oct '15
      The Matsuno brothers try to adapt their show to contemporary times, with mixed results.
    • 2. Let's Get a Job/The Melancholy of Osomatsu-kun

      12 Oct '15
      The Matsuno brothers struggle to find employment. Later, Osomatsu tries to take an interest in his brothers' lives but winds up being a nuisance to them.
    • 3. Tidbits Collection

      19 Oct '15
      This week's episode is the tidbits collection. Everything from Dekapan-man, to what happens if you try to horde your pachinko winnings, to a bath house quiz.
    • 4. Let's Get Independent/This is Totoko

      26 Oct '15
      The Matsuno brothers compete to ensure their divorcing parents will care of each of them. Meanwhile, Totoko asks the brothers for help in a crisis.
    • 5. The Karamatsu Incident/ESP Kitty

      02 Nov '15
      Karamatsu gets kidnapped, but his brothers don't do anything. Later, a cat gets to speak and read minds, which causes mayhem for the Matsuno brothers.
    • 6. It's a Birthday Party, Dajo/Iyami's Great Discovery

      09 Nov '15
      The Matsunos are invited to Hatobou's birthday part. Meanwhile, Iyami discovers that his buckteeth contain a rare metal.
    • 7. Todomatsu and the 5 Demons/To the North

      16 Nov '15
      Todomatsu starts to work at a stylish cafe. His brothers try to disturb his fulfilling life. / Dekapan and Dayon enjoy a carefree travel together toward north.
    • 8. The Calming Osomatsu/Totoko's Dream

      23 Nov '15
      Captain Choromatsu waits a man while he carries out a murder case investigation with Detective Todomatsu. / Totoko wants to be a popular idol, but reality is so cruel.
    • 9. Chibita and Oden/Jyushimatsu Falls in Love

      30 Nov '15
      Karamatsu ends up as Chibita's apprentice at his oden stand. Meanwhile, Jyushimatsu falls in love and his brothers try to help him achieve his romance.
    • 10. Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend

      07 Dec '15
      Iyami and Chibita dress up as girls, and trick the Matsuno brothers into falling in love with them. It's only a matter of time before this plan goes bad.
    • 11. Christmas Osomatsu-san

      14 Dec '15
      A series of Christmas-themed skits. Ichimatsu takes on the role of a Black Santa interrupting a romantic couple's date, while Karamatsu finds himself on a date with an unfortunate ending.
    • 12. Year-End Special-san

      21 Dec '15
      Osomatsu and Totoko host an end of year special broadcast, looking back on previous episodes to determine which of the brothers is the biggest loser.
    • 13. Sanematsu-san/Girlymatsu-san/Accident?

      04 Jan '16
      A salaryman named Sanematsu takes care of his six siblings, the Matsuno brothers become girls and argue, and a fight between Choromatsu and Osomatsu occurs.
    • 14. Kaze wo hiita/Todomatsu no rain/Choromatsu-sensei

      11 Jan '16
      The brothers all catch colds. Later, the brothers question Todomatsu about all the things he hasn't told them about his personal life. Choromatsu is a paranoid vice-principal overly worried about plans for his school's cultural festival.
    • 15. Mensetsu/Chibita no hana no inochi

      18 Jan '16
      Jyushimatsu goes to a job interview, proving to be a total nuisance for the interviewers. Chibita is asked out on a date by the fairy of a flower he saved.
    • 16. Matsuno Max/The Ichimatsu Incident

      25 Jan '16
      In an apocalyptic world, the Idol Matsunos battle against Iyami and Dekapan, who are robbing the dry-skinned citizens of all of their lotion. Ichimatsu is forced to pretend to be Karamatsu after Osomatsu catches him wearing his clothes.
    • 17. Jyushimatsu Festival

      01 Feb '16
      Jyushimatsu carries out incredible feats. Meanwhile, the other brothers try to find out when Jyushimatsu developed his odd personality.
    • 18. Iyami's Counterattack

      08 Feb '16
      Wanting to become the main protagonist of the franchise again, Iyami holds a bizarre kart race to determine who the protagonist of Osomatsu-san will be.
    • 19. Period Drama Osomatsu-san/Choromatsu Rising

      15 Feb '16
      A series of skits take place, set during the Sengoku era. Back in the present, Choromatsu decides to quit being an idol and pursue a job.
    • 20. Teach Me, Hatabou/School Matsu/Iyami's School

      22 Feb '16
      Hatabou starts his own catering service. Later, Osomatsu and Karamatsu play as delinquent high school students competing to see who's the toughest. Afterwards, Iyami starts a comedy class hoping to earn a quick buck.
    • 21. Mahjong/Godmatsu

      29 Feb '16
      On a rainy evening, the brothers play a game of mahjong. Later, the brothers suddenly find themselves joined by a seventh brother, Godmatsu, who was allegedly born from the goodness that fell out of the brothers' hearts.
    • 22. The Star of Hope, Todomatsu/Final Sheeeh

      07 Mar '16
      Todomatsu holds auditions to take one of his brothers with him to a mixer, struggling to find anyone worth taking. Meanwhile, Iyami meets a kung-fu master who believes him to possess a special technique.
    • 23. Kerosene/Dayon Tribe

      14 Mar '16
      When the family heater runs out of kerosene, the brothers to force each other to get a refill. Meanwhile, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, and Choromatsu find themselves in an underground village populated by a tribe of Dayon people.
    • 24. Totoko's Huge Panic/Letter

      21 Mar '16
      Totoko is jealous when people start getting more success than her. Meanwhile, Choromatsu manages to land a job and moves out of the house, with the other brothers soon following suit, leaving just Osomatsu alone.
    • 25. Osomatsu-san, Such as It Was

      28 Mar '16
      The brothers quickly abandon their new lifestyles upon learning they have been invited to a baseball tournament for the finale.