Oddbhuturey : Season 1

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      Air date: 31 Oct '19 7 episodes
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    1. Taxi

    • While returning home from a business trip, the passenger meets an annoying driver. How will this strange ride end?

    2. Mayer Moto

    • What would happen if you couldn’t recognise the person closest to you? What if the person you’ve known forever is lost between real and supernatural?

    3. Planchette

    • Is it a good idea to ask questions about the paranormal? Or, is it better to leave some questions unanswered?

    4. Downstairs

    • A place for darkness, a place for intrigue. Do the stairs really go down to hell, where your inner devil resides?

    5. Parapar

    • The world of alternative reality is about to meet reality. Will “supernatural” finally become tangible?

    6. Oddbhut

    • After 13 years, a girl returns to the other world. What happens when she ends up with a paranormal investigator and a professor?

    7. Pret Parbon

    • Science, logic, reality - they all finally clash with paranormal. Who is the real enemy of the truth?