Together We Stand : Season 1

    • Air date: 22 Sep '86 19 episodes
  • List of Episodes (19)

    1. Pilot

    • An in-your-face social worker tries to talk the Randalls into taking in two more children, Asian-American Sam and African-American Sally.

    2. Oh, Brother!

    • Jack is jealous when Sam runs for class president and becomes popular in the process.

    3. It Happened One Night

    4. Betrothal

    5. Socks and Bonds

    6. A Chicken in Every Wok

    • Lori worries that she's an inadequate mother.

    7. We're a Family

    8. Against All Odds

    9. My Mentor

    10. Love is In the Air

    11. Little Miracle

    12. Double Date

    • Lori agrees to go out on a double date with Marion, but begins to fear her blind date won't be a dream come true.

    13. Jack's Altar Ego

    14. I Never Dance With Mother

    15. We're a Family

    16. A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

    17. That's What Friends Are For?

    18. Mother, Can You Spare a Dime?

    19. Sunday, Monday and Always