• Air date: 22 Sep '86 19 episodes
      Together We Stand, also known as Nothing Is Easy, is an American television series that aired on the CBS network from 1986 to 1987. It was written by Stephen Sustarsic and directed by Andrew D. Weyman. Together We Stand is about a married couple, David and Lori Randall, and their array of adopted children from all walks of life. According to producer Sherwood Schwartz, the plot for this show was originally written as a spin-off from The Brady Bunch called Kelly's Kids. In the January 4, 1974 episode of The Brady Bunch, which served as a backdoor pilot, the Bradys' neighbors plan on adopting one child but end up adopting three boys, all of different ethnicities.
  • List of Episodes (19)
    • 1. Pilot

      22 Sep '86
      An in-your-face social worker tries to talk the Randalls into taking in two more children, Asian-American Sam and African-American Sally.
    • 2. Oh, Brother!

      29 Oct '86
      Jack is jealous when Sam runs for class president and becomes popular in the process.
    • 3. It Happened One Night

      01 Oct '86
    • 4. Betrothal

    • 5. Socks and Bonds

      15 Oct '86
    • 6. A Chicken in Every Wok

      01 Oct '86
      Lori worries that she's an inadequate mother.
    • 7. We're a Family

      08 Feb '87
    • 8. Against All Odds

    • 9. My Mentor

    • 10. Love is In the Air

    • 11. Little Miracle

    • 12. Double Date

      03 Apr '87
      Lori agrees to go out on a double date with Marion, but begins to fear her blind date won't be a dream come true.
    • 13. Jack's Altar Ego

    • 14. I Never Dance With Mother

    • 15. We're a Family

    • 16. A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

    • 17. That's What Friends Are For?

    • 18. Mother, Can You Spare a Dime?

    • 19. Sunday, Monday and Always