• Air date: 01 Dec '75 4 episodes
      Serialisation of the novel by Mrs Gaskell.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 1. Part One

      01 Dec '75
      Margaret Hale is pleased to be leaving London to live with her parents in Hampshire. She is unaware that an even longer journey is in store.
    • 2. Part Two

      08 Dec '75
      Mr Hale has left the Church and is working as a tutor in a Northern industrial town. Times are hard for the mill workers and a strike is threatened.
    • 3. Part Three

      15 Dec '75
      John Thornton has succeeded in breaking the strike. Margaret Hale has put her reputation at risk by protecting him from a mob of angry workers. John Thornton has misinterpreted her action and, with the grudging approval of his mother, he has resolved to marry her.
    • 4. Part Four

      22 Dec '75
      Margaret Hale has rejected John Thornton 's proposal of marriage and has defended herself against Mrs Thornton 's accusations.