• Air date: 20 Sep '87 22 episodes
      My Two Dads is an American sitcom that starred Staci Keanan, Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan. It aired on NBC from 1987 to 1990 and was produced by Michael Jacobs Productions in association with Tri-Star Television and distributed by TeleVentures.
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. Pilot

      20 Sep '87
      In the pilot, two buddies who were once in love with the same woman reunite at the reading of the woman's will, where they learn that one of them -- but not which one -- fathered her 12-year-old daughter and that both are to share custody of the girl.
    • 2. Soho's by You

      27 Sep '87
      Michael insists the family move to his uptown apartment, which has no playmates for Nicole and no life as Joey knows it.
    • 3. Crime and Punishment

      04 Oct '87
      Nicole goes to the movies with a friend---and ends up in New Jersey.
    • 4. Nicole's First Date

      18 Oct '87
      Joey's lecture before Nicole's first date fails to cover what to do when the suitor fails to show up.
    • 5. Friends and Lovers

      25 Oct '87
      Nicole fixes Michael up with a neighbor, which amuses him then confuses him as their pairing becomes more and more ""comfortable.""
    • 6. Whose Night is it, Anyway?

      01 Nov '87
      The two dads have dates on the same night, so they decide to let Nicole and her friends baby-sit themselves.
    • 7. Once a Son . . .

      08 Nov '87
      Joey agrees to join his father's plumbing business if he fails to make a sale at his one-man art show.
    • 8. Sex, Judge, and Rock & Roll

      15 Nov '87
      After Joey strikes out with a woman, Michael is a hit, but the victory is short-lived when the woman turns out to be Judge Wilbur's niece -- who's engaged.
    • 9. The Artful Dodger

      29 Nov '87
      Joey's protest over Nicole's failing art grade turns into a date with the teacher, which doesn't earn Joey high marks.
    • 10. Quality Time

      06 Dec '87
      Michael is racked with guilt when business continually forces him to break dates with Nicole.
    • 11. 'Tis the Season

      20 Dec '87
      Joey and Michael anticipate their first Christmas with Nicole, but she's ignoring the holidays, her first without her mother.
    • 12. The Only Child

      03 Jan '88
      Nicole's longing for a brother turns into a longing for equal time after the dads fulfill her request.
    • 13. Joey's Mother-in-Law

      10 Jan '88
      Joey feels picked on and Nicole feels deprived of her time with Cory when Michael's mother comes to visit.
    • 14. Nicole in Charge

      17 Jan '88
      Nicole wants the loft's racquetball championship called off after Michael's training regimen sends him to the hospital.
    • 15. The Wedge

      07 Feb '88
      Joey's rock-star friend thinks Joey is spending too much time under the influence---of Michael.
    • 16. Advice and Consent

      14 Feb '88
      Cory receives advice on kissing from Nicole's dads and his older brother.
    • 17. She'll Get Over It

      21 Feb '88
      Michael pulls some strings to cheer up Nicole after her first modeling audition is unsuccessful.
    • 18. Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits

      28 Feb '88
      When Michael's estranged sister visits, Michael learns that Joey influenced her decision to leave her medical career.
    • 19. Nicole's Big Adventure

      19 Mar '88
      A group of friends helps the dads survive Nicole's week away at camp.
    • 20. My Fair Joey

      28 Mar '88
      Joey enlists Michael to coach him on the finer points of etiquette when he meets a debutante dream girl.
    • 21. The Family in Question

      09 May '88
      When a newspaper reporter writes an article criticizing Judge Wilbur, most specially, her decision to put Nicole with Joey and Michael, a television reporter decides to do feature on them by interviewing everyone involve and record Nicole with her two fathers and see who is right.
    • 22. Friends of the Family

      14 Aug '88
      Corey tries to set his mom up with Klawicki.