• Air date: 21 Nov '21 8 episodes
      The series will center on the adventures of Sunny Starscout and her friends after the events depicted in the film.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 2. Growing Pains

      21 Nov '21
      Magic's gone wild in Maretime Bay, and Sheriff Hitch is determined to rein it in — unaware that an evil pony is standing by to steal it all for herself.
    • 3. Portrait of a Princess

      21 Nov '21
      With Pipp and Zipp focused on Royal Portrait Day, Opaline sends Misty on an evil errand to lure the two sisters into a trap.
    • 4. Ali-Conned

      21 Nov '21
      When her Alicorn magic comes out unexpectedly, Sunny's suddenly mega-popular. Pipp borrows Sparky for the day to boost her likes on social media.
    • 5. The Cutie Mark Mix-Up

      21 Nov '21
      Sunny and Hitch learn what it's like to trot in each others' horseshoes. Opaline sends a spy to the Crystal Brighthouse, where animals are running amok!
    • 6. The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over

      21 Nov '21
      Izzy invites newcomer Misty to a sleepover with sing-alongs, hoof readings, ponycorn and more! But Zipp has a funny feeling about the gang's new friend.
    • 7. Hoof Done It?

      21 Nov '21
      Detective Zipp is on the case to find a thief when Sunny's magic lantern goes missing. Misty seems to be the prime suspect... or is she?
    • 8. Have You Seen This Dragon?

      21 Nov '21
      First it was Sunny's lantern. Now Sparky is gone! So it's all hooves on deck to find Hitch's baby dragon buddy ASAPP — as soon as pony-possible.