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      Air date: 30 Oct '20 8 episodes
      The series unfolds the gangster era of the 1970s led by Mugilan, who ruled the state of Tamil Nadu with his power and money. However, when unexpected events put Mugilan's family in trouble, he must trade his life to safeguard his loved ones.
      Mugilan season 1 has 8 episodes. It is a tamil action, thriller web-series starring Ramya Pandian, Karthik Raj and Robert Master. It is created by Sri Ram Ram. Season 1 for Mugilan aired on 30 Oct '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • A hasty decision by Mugilan proves fatal, as a series of chaotic events leave him in despair. He gets reminiscent of his initial days of working as a henchman along with Saravanan.
    • 2. Deceit

      30 Oct '20
      While trying to set things right, Mugilan finds himself in a situation where his most trusted aides have let him down. Mugilan retaliates to Rajendran's action to pressurise him.
    • Maghi’s affection towards Mugilan grows stronger with each passing day. But, their relationship changes when someone else makes a foray into Mugilan’s life unexpectedly.
    • 5. Power Play

      30 Oct '20
      In the race to become the prime confidant, Saravanan and Mugilan play games. But the tables are turned due to a sudden change, giving one of them an edge to become the successor.
    • 6. Red Eagles

      30 Oct '20
      Trying to pick up the pieces, Maghi tries to reach out to Mugilan in distress. Unfortunately, things go haywire on Mugilan’s front leaving him vulnerable.
    • 8. Checkmate

      30 Oct '20
      With his family's safety and his image at stake, Mugilan must now take a tough decision that can make his plans topsy-turvy.