Mr. & Mrs. : Season 2

    • Season 2 streaming now!
      Air date: 07 Jan '20 2 episodes
      This cutest couple is here again to take you all on another round of roller coaster ride with their hilarious chemistry. Gear up to experience this laughter filled journey with your favorite Sanju & Madhu.
  • List of Episodes (2)

    1. Laundry Chor

    • Madhu finds a cute red top from the clothes returned in the laundry. Only catch - it’s not hers. She tells Sanju that she has already lost a few clothes to this laundry, with this top just helping in ‘balancing her universe’ & that she intends to keep it. However, the laundry person shows up & what follows is a close police procedural, where the “laundry inspector” Rajni tries to sniff out information from a confident ‘criminal’ Madhu & an extremely

    2. Super Ex Boyfriend

    • Every marriage is solid until one of the spouse's good looking ex arrives. Madhu has invited her 6'3'' handsome ex for dinner and the most understanding Sanju is clearly insecure. Now the entire evening, Sanju sets out to find at least one flaw in that unrealistically good looking guy.