Most Haunted : Season 19

    • Air date: 14 Apr '17 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Abbey House Museum

    • Spook-searching with Yvette and co! The newest member of the team, Watson the bulldog, joins in the investigations at Abbey House Museum in Leeds.

    2. Wentworth Woodhouse Stables

    • Yvette and the team search for more things that go bump in the night! The team may just have filmed some of their best evidence ever at Wentworth Woodhouse Stables in Yorkshire.

    3. The Slaughter House

    • Ghostly goings-on with Yvette Fielding. The team get more than they bargained for when they pay a visit to the Liverpool's oldest pub, The Slaughterhouse.

    4. Todmorden Unitarian Church

    • More creepy capers with Yvette and the fearless Most Haunted team. The team find they are not alone when they go into the cellar of Todmoreden Church in West Yorkshire.

    5. Weir Mill

    • Spine-tingling snooping with Yvette Fielding. An evening at the abandoned Weir Mill in Stockport proves too much for one team member who makes an early exit.

    6. Ripon Union Workhouse

    • Hunting the haunted with Yvette Fielding! The Ripon Workhouse in Yorkshire is said to be teeming with undead souls, one of which seems to be following the team around...

    7. Old Prison

    • Spook searching with Yvette and co. The team attempt to stay the night at the old prison in Ripon where they have some lingering former inmates for company.

    8. Standon Hall (Part 1)

    • More paranormal sleuthing with Yvette Fielding. A fearful team begin their three-part investigation of the mysterious Standon Hall in Staffordshire.

    9. Standon Hall (Part 2)

    • Spooky series with Yvette Fielding. The team continue their mammoth investigation of Standon Hall. Yvette has some harsh words for Karl when he takes a dangerous risk.

    10. Standon Hall (Part 3)

    • Ghostly goings-on with Yvette Fielding. In the final part of the team's scariest search to date, something in Standon Hall lets the team know they have outstayed their welcome.